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Burpees: A Full Body Workout For Maximizing Your Calorie Burn


Are you looking for a workout that will challenge your body and accelerate your heart rate? Look no further than the burpees!

Burpees are a multi-step exercise that involves a squat following a push-up, and a jump in the end. It’s an excellent workout for anyone looking to improve muscle definition in their body.

This dynamic move is a full-body exercise that helps in toning your muscles and develops your cardiovascular fitness.

Burpees are a part of high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts as they involve rapid movements in short time. It’s a highly effective and versatile move that can be performed anytime and anywhere without any equipment. Burpees are performed in many workout programs as it delivers a variety of benefits.

In this article you’ll find out everything related to this exercise from benefits to the correct technique. So, grab a mat, and let’s get started.

Benefits Of Burpees

Here are the major benefits of doing the burpee exercise. These benefits are genuine and depends on your technique.

Increases Cardiovascular Fitness

Burpees are high-intensity exercises that increases your heart rate and improves your cardiovascular endurance. This exercise requires a combination of strength, agility, and endurance that are important for developing your fitness level.

This move can also help in building stamina which allows your body to perform rapid movements for longer duration. Practicing burpees can helps you in doing higher repetitions with correct form and greater ease.

Full-Body Workout

This full-body workout targets many muscle groups together including your legs, arms, shoulders, and core. Training multiple muscles improves muscle growth and helps in developing athletic performance.

Burpees are excellent in improving overall fitness and strength in your body while improving your performance in other sports activities.

Boosts Metabolism

Burpees can increase your metabolism that improves digestion and burn calories even after your workout is over. Adding this move to your workout routine can help you in your weight loss goals.

This high-intensity interval training exercise offers a leaner and toned physique while helping you to lose body fat. This can lead to a leaner and more toned physique.

Improves Balance and Coordination

Burpees challenges the stability and flexibility of your body. The jumping and squatting movements in this exercise can improve your balance and muscle coordination. These parameters makes this move beneficial for athletes and weight lifters.

Burpees can improve your performance in other HIIT exercises like jumping jacks and box jumps.

Convenient and Versatile

This move needs no equipment and can be performed anywhere. Burpees are convenient and versatile exercises for people with a busy schedule or don’t have access to a gym.

You can perform this exercise at your nearby parks or as a home workout. Burpees can also be done in your office during breaks.

Step By Step Guide For Burpees

Here are the instructions on how to do the burpees properly. Following this gudie will improve your form and help you reap all the benefits that this exercise offers.

1. Begin this exercise by standing upright with your feet shoulder width apart. Engage your core and bend your knees to squat down. Place your hands on the ground in front of you while keeping your feet planted.

2. Jump your feet back to get in a pushup position. Your arms and feet extended while your body is forming a straight line. Bend your elbows to lower your body and perform a pushup. Push in through your palms to raise your body.

3. Jump your feet in front, near your hands. Return to the squat position and explosively push in through your feet to perform a jump. Extend you arms over your head while jumping. Land softly on the ground and repeat the procedure. This is one repetition of the burpees.

4. Try performing 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions. Increase the number of sets and repetitions as you master the form.

Helpful tips For Burpees

Here are some tips to maintain a proper form while doing the burpee exercise. These tips are helpful in preventing common mistakes and reducing the risk of injuries.

1. keep your core engaged throughout the movement and maintain a straight line from your head to heels.

2. When jumping from a squat position, make sure to land softly and with control to avoid injuries.

3. While moving your feet back and forth, don’t sink your hips towards the ground. Keep your back straight and hips in line with your body.

4. When doing the push-up part, keep your arms extended and maintain a strong posture.

5. Make sure to breathe while performing the burpees. Breathing will help you in maintaining your energy and endurance.

6. Always warm up before doing this exercise. A quick warm up will reduce risk of injuries and improves your performance.


Burpees are high intensity interval training exercises that builds strength and improves your fitness level.

This move is highly effective whether you’re looking to increase cardiovascular endurance, improve muscle mass, or boost your metabolism. Burpees are a great addition to your workout routine for training your full body muscles.

So, why not try this move today and see the benefits it offers for your fitness and well-being!

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