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Tricep Pushdown: The Best Benefits

Tricep Pushdown

Tricep pushdown also known as tricep cable pushdown is one of the best moves for building strength in your tricep muscles. This popular exercise is usually performed on a cable machine. This equipment is available in most gyms. You can also use a resistance band while performing at home or when you have no access to a cable machine. A resistance band is a great way for doing tricep workouts at home.

This move is known by many names like the tricep cable extension, tricep pushed down, and tricep pushdown cable.

This isolation movement primarily targets the tricep muscles. It also works your shoulders and latissimus dorsi muscles for stability. This versatile move can be performed using different equipment like a resistance band, cable machine, and a pair of dumbbells. The triceps pushdown is essential for everyone regardless of their fitness level. Beginners can use this move to strengthen their upper body for other weight lifting exercises. With the correct form, this move can help strengthen your triceps and develops muscle mass.

There are many alternatives of the tricep pushdown like the tricep pushdown with dumbbells, tricep extension rope and tricep barbell extension.

Tricep Muscles

The triceps brachii is made up of three separate muscles — the medial head, lateral head, and long head. Tricep pushdown exercise works all three heads of the tricep muscle by having you extend (straighten) your elbow against resistance. In addition to adding size to your arms, the exercise can add stability to your shoulder joints. Better stability at joints can help prevent injuries.

The long head of your tricep is located on top of the humerus bone in front of your arms. It helps with the movement of your arms like arm extension. Tricep long head exercises involves overhead dumbbell extension, overhead EZ bar extension and tricep kickbacks.

The lateral muscle is located on top of your upper arm just below the biceps tendon. It helps in extending your arms fully out from your sides. Tricep lateral head exercises involves diamond pushups, tricep dips and close grip bench press.

The medial head is located on top of your arm at about mid-upper arm length. It helps bend your arm at the elbow joint during flexion and extension movements such as when lifting heavy weights. Tricep medial head exercises involves reverse grip tricep extension, High cable tricep extension and close grip dumbbell press.

Benefits Of Tricep Pushdown

Below are the six benefits of doing this exercise regularly with proper form. These benefits are genuine and backed by realistic results.

1. The tricep muscles play an important role in body movements like elbow extension and shoulder adduction. Doing the tricep pushdowns consistently can improve the agility of your muscle joints which makes these movements easier.

2. The pushdown exercise strengthens the elbow joint by using weight plates that are held at arm’s length above your head. The weight movement causes an increase in pressure on this joint which forces blood flow into it. This makes muscles stronger and more powerful over time. Using a cable machine for training helps improve muscle definition because it targets specific areas of each muscle group.

3. Performing the tricep pushdown improves muscle mass as well as added strength and stability to your shoulders. In addition, this exercise can help you develop a more defined chest with an emphasis on overall upper-body development.

4. Building strong triceps will make your arms look more aesthetic and allow you to lift heavy weights. It also helps in building strength in other muscle groups of your upper body.

5. The tricep pushdown is performed by many athletes and bodybuilders for improving the strength and size of their arms. Adding this move to your workout routine will help in lifting heavy weights and toning your arms for aesthetic appeal. It also helps in doing daily activities more efficiently.

6. While the traditional exercise requires a cable machine, you can also use a resistance band. Attach the band with a hook or a bar and then perform the same procedure as the standard exercise. This eliminates the requirement of heavy equipment and allows you to perform the tricep pushdown anywhere you want.

How To Perform

Below are the step-by-step instructions for doing the tricep pushdown exercise with the correct technique. Following this guide will help in avoiding common mistakes and preventing injuries.

1. Start this exercise by standing straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Face a cable machine with an attached straight bar hanging at your chest level. Keep your chest high with retracted shoulder blades.

2. Lean slightly forward and hold the straight bar with an overhand grip. With your elbows fixed at your sides, lower the attachment by extending your arms. Breathe in as you bring the bar down. Try to maintain a stable wrist position throughout the movement.

3. Pause at the bottom without fully extending your elbows. Now, slowly bring the bar back to the starting position. Breathe out as you return the bar to the start. This is one repetition of the tricep pushdown exercise.

4. Do 10 to 15 repetitions with moderate weights. If you’re a beginner then try performing 15 to 20 repetitions with light weights. This will help in building foundational strength and improves your performance.

Common Mistakes

Below are some of the most common mistakes that occur during the tricep pushdown exercise.

1. Curling Your Wrist

This is a common mistake that a lot of people tend to do. When you curl your wrists, it shifts the tension from your tricep muscles to your joints. Unwanted tension on your wrists can cause major injuries. It’s important to perform this exercise with a neutral grip throughout the movement.

2. Too Much Elbow Movement

Many people perform this exercise while moving their elbows back and forth. While the momentum from your elbows can help in lifting heavy weights, it shifts the focus to your lats. Lifting weights using your lats makes this exercise less effective. To maintain the primary focus on your triceps, keep your elbows fixed at your sides.

3. Elbow Flare Out

This is another common mistake involving the elbows. When your elbows flare out to your side, the tension shifts on your chest and shoulder muscles. For building strength effectively in your triceps, it’s important to maintain the correct form.

4. Engaging Your Back Muscles

Leaning too much in front and using your back and shoulders to lower the bar can completely disengage your triceps. To ensure that your tricep muscles are activated and trained primarily throughout the movement, lean slightly in front. This helps in maintaining balance and engaging all muscle groups equally.


The triceps pushdown exercise is one of the best moves to target the three different heads of your triceps. It’s an excellent way to target your arms for building strength and size. Along with your triceps, this exercise also targets your shoulders and lats.

Doing the tricep pushdown is very helpful if your goal is to build stronger and more aesthetic arms. The results will shock you once you master the technique and start performing this exercise regularly. Adding tricep cable workouts to your workout plan will help in achieving the goal of building strong and toned arms.

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