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Pushups: The Golden Benefits, Right Technique, And Helpful Tips


It is impossible to ignore pushups in a conversation related to fitness. The pushup is the most popular exercise in fitness community. This pressing movement has become so popular that almost every athlete and fitness enthusiast performs it.

The physics of pushup is very simple. People doing push-ups are simply lifting their weight against the gravity of the earth. The difficulty of this exercise depends upon your strength and weight.

The high popularity of this exercise is due to its amazing benefits and simple technique. Let’s explore them in-depth.


1. It Is a Bodyweight Exercise.

Pushups can be performed anywhere as no equipment is required. Having no weights makes this exercise easier and safer for beginners. Pushups are more effective in improving cardiovascular endurance and agility than weight training exercises.

2. It Helps In Doing Daily Activities More Easily.

The functional movement of pushups helps you in performing daily activities more effectively. Pushups can help you to do daily activities more easily like moving heavy objects, cutting vegetables, writing, playing sports, etc.

3. It Targets Multiple Muscle Groups.

The pushup is a compound exercise as it targets multiple muscle groups at once. The primary focus of this exercise is on your chest (pectoralis major and minor) muscles. The secondary muscles which stabilize the movement are shoulder (anterior deltoid), arms (tricep brachii), abs (serratus anterior, abdominal muscle, internal and external oblique), back (rhomboid, trapezius) muscles.

4. It Improves Your Posture Naturally.

Improper posture can harm your health and increases the risk of back injuries. As you age, this problem can cause many health issues. To improve your posture, one of the best exercises that comes to mind is the pushup. Pushups are known to improve your posture naturally. During this exercise, the muscles that support your posture are trained. Developing strength in your lower back and core muscles prevents back injuries and gives you a proper posture.

5. It Increases Essential Hormones For Your Body.

Studies have shown that doing pushups can increase many essential hormones like testosterone and endorphins. These hormones keep your body physically and mentally healthy. Testosterone makes your bones and muscles strong whereas endorphins play a vital role in reducing stress and anxiety.

How To Perform Pushups:

1. Get on the ground with your hands shoulder-width apart. Your back and knees should be straight and toes apart. Pull your shoulders back and activate your chest.

2. Brace your core and look in front. Lower your body by bending your elbows towards your side. Focus on the contraction of your chest muscles. Breathe in while lowering your body.

3. Hold the position when your chest is closer to the ground. Lift your body back to the start by pushing through your palms. Breathe out while lifting your body. This is one repetition of the pushup exercise.

4. Do 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions. Keep increasing the number of repetitions as you become comfortable.


1. Always perform this exercise on a solid and flat surface. Soft or irregular surfaces can cause difficulty in balancing your body.

2. Remember to breathe during every repetition.

3. Don’t place your hands too wide from each other. Doing so will put tension on your shoulder and back muscles.

4. Don’t bend your elbows wide instead move them towards your sides, minimizing the space between your armpits.

5. Always have a strong grip on the surface. Change your hand position by opening your fingers for maximum grip.


1. Knee Pushups

The knee pushups or modified pushups are the beginner version of the standard pushup exercise. This basic exercise helps beginners to improve their form and strength. The modified pushups are performed on your knees, the rest is similar to the standard pushups.

2. Wide Pushups

The wide pushup is a variation of the standard pushup exercise that is performed by placing your hands further apart. Due to its form, this exercise targets your chest and shoulders better than standard pushups. The wide pushup exercise is more effective in increasing strength and agility.

3. Clap Pushups

The clap pushup is a dynamic variation of the standard pushup exercise. This move involves a clap at the end of the repetition that accelerates your explosive strength. The clap pushups target the fast-twitch fibers in your chest which develops size and endurance. Due to these benefits, many experts and athletes recommend this exercise as the ultimate chest workout.

4. One Arm Pushups

The one arm pushup is one of the most challenging pushup variations. This dynamic exercise is performed only on one hand. Doing pushups, on one hand, makes it challenging as your whole body weight is on one side. It’s also difficult to balance your body with one hand. According to experts, before adding this exercise to your workout, master the standard pushups.

5. Archer Pushups

There are many advanced variations of standard pushups that are designed specifically for athletes, one of them is archer pushups. This move is similar to the one arm pushups as the majority of your body weight is supported by one hand. The other hand is used to balance the movement.

6. Diamond Pushups

Unlike other pushup variations, the diamond pushup primarily target’s your tricep and middle chest muscles. This exercise is done by placing your hands together, forming a diamond shape using your thumb and index finger. The diamond pushup requires a lot of explosive strength therefore beginners can try this exercise on their knees till they get comfortable.

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