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What Is Training Mask And Benefits Of Using It During Workouts

Training mask

Due to COVID-19, there is a requirement to wear a mask in public spaces such as the gym. Did you know that before the COVID pandemic, some individuals wore masks? They were mostly athletes training to enhance their performance. I’m not talking about a mask that can save you from a virus, but a mask that can boost your strength and stamina. If you come from the fitness community, you may have heard of it. These masks are termed training masks.

The training mask is also known as an elevation mask because it recreates high altitude conditions for your body. The use of this mask is believed to enhance your physical performance. Its look and functionality are different than those of a surgical mask or N 95. This device is equipped with adjustable valves to reduce the airflow in your body. The training mask reduces oxygen supply and makes your lungs and heart more active.

The training mask enables your body to adapt to limited oxygen levels, thus, using oxygen more efficiently. Studies have shown that people using this mask get an extra boost in their energy levels.

Here are a few benefits to using a training mask that can enhance your performance.

1) Improves Your Lung Capacity

In training, the point at which oxygen becomes deficient is known as the ventilation threshold. Research in 2017 showed that the training mask can help you raise your ventilation threshold. This increases your ability to exercise.

2) Training Under Hypoxic Conditions Increases Strength

High-altitude training is believed to enhance the performance of athletes. However, there is no scientific evidence that this equipment can build your strength. There are very few people that have witnessed an increase in their strength level after using the elevation mask.

3) It Develops Respiratory Threshold

The maximum point at which the body requires oxygen, which leads to fatigue, is called the RCT or respiratory compensation threshold. Normally, the urge to breathe arises from the level of carbon dioxide in the blood. Training masks can increase the amount of oxygen in the blood that causes elevated RCT.


The training mask will give you a short boost in your physical performance. You can try using a training mask in your workout only if you don’t have a respiratory condition. People with breathing problems like asthma and emphysema should consult a doctor before using this equipment. Training mask is only important for people who want to train their body for competitive purposes. If you’re focused only on improving your health then this equipment will not deliver you a significant change.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does An Elevation Mask Help You To Lose Weight?

Low oxygen training or hypoxic training is a term mostly used by athletes. Hypoxic training is performed by athletes on high elevated surfaces. You can create an artificial hypoxic environment by wearing a training mask. This mask forces your body to work harder to provide oxygen to your muscles. Doing cardio or weight training with this equipment can accelerate weight loss in your body. Researchers have found that an elevation mask can increase your metabolism and burn more calories.

2) How Do You Breathe With An Elevation Mask?

An Elevation mask has three adjustable channels or valves that help you in breathing. You can adjust the valves according to the comfort of your breathing. The elevation masks are specifically designed to improve the strength of your lungs by limiting the air. This breathing device will not give you instant fatigue or fully restrict the oxygen to your lungs. Elevation mask is only used for performance purposes and cannot improve any chronic diseases.

3) Can You Sleep With An Elevation Mask?

While sleeping, using equipment that limits the air to your lungs will result in serious health issues. It’s difficult to sleep while wearing an elevation mask as it increases your heart rate and keeps your body under constant stress. An elevation mask is only helpful when your body performs physical activities. While sleeping your body doesn’t perform any activity therefore wearing an elevation mask will be uncomfortable.

4) Does Elevation Mask Help In Cardio?

The amount of oxygen present in your blood is known as VO2 max. Training masks can improve your cardiovascular endurance by increasing the amount of oxygen in your blood. After training, When you remove the training mask it temporarily boosts your strength and endurance. The effects of a training mask are temporary and depend upon how long you’re using it.

5) Do Elevation Mask Save You From Covid-19?

The purpose of an elevation mask is to challenge your strength and endurance. Compared to N 95 mask, This equipment has small air passages that allow you to breathe. There are no researchers or studies that a training mask can save you from COVID-19. But a training mask has adjustable valves and can provide better breathing than an N 95 mask.

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