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What is OMAD Diet? Benefits And Risks Of Following OMAD Diet

OMAD diet

OMAD is a type of intermittent fasting which means eating just ‘one meal a day.’ While following OMAD diet you can eat your favourite meal only for 1 hour that you have scheduled according to your lifestyle. Rest of the 23 hours you’re restricted to eat any type of food item, you’re only allowed to drink water during these hours.

OMAD diet

In comparison to other intermittent fasting methods, OMAD has the longest time of fasting with a ratio of 23:1. It’s less hardcore variant the warrior diet has a fasting ratio of 16:8. If you’re a beginner in fasting then I’ll recommend you to follow a simple intermittent diet plan before following this diet. You need to build a habit to fast before jumping to a more hardcore fasting method like OMAD.


Benefits Of Following OMAD Diet

OMAD diet

1) Many studies have shown that the people who follow this diet gets better results than the people following other weight loss diet programs.

2) OMAD diet gives you the privilege to eat whatever meal you like regardless of the calories or fats it contains. Eating your favorite meal elevates your mood and makes you consistent towards your goals.

3) If you’re following a low carbohydrate diet but not losing weight as expected, you can follow OMAD diet on temporary basis as it will commence weight loss in your body.

4) OMAD diet has a pattern of preparing and eating food only once a day due to this time saving advantage, OMAD diet is mostly followed by the people who have a busy lifestyle for example- the people who travel frequently, people who work in shifts and the people with busy schedules.

5) In OMAD you always consume lower calories which makes this diet a easy way to lose weight. In OMAD you can only eat during the 60 minutes you’ve scheduled, so it’s physically difficult to exceed your daily calorie intake.


Risks Of Following OMAD Diet

OMAD diet


1) If you’re regularly eating fried food or too much simple carbohydrates while following OMAD diet then it can cause a negative effect on your health.

2) It’s difficult to consume all the important vitamins and minerals as only 1 hour is given for eating meals.

3) OMAD diet may cause some physical and mental effects on your body like binge eating, feeling extremely hungry, fatigue, physical weakness and trouble in focusing.

4) This diet is not suitable for children and teenager’s as proper healthy meals are required at young age. OMAD can also be dangerous for the people who are suffering from diabetes, hypoglycemia, obesity and other metabolic rate problems.

5) If you’re working out for general health then OMAD won’t change anything in your performance. But this diet can’t be followed by serious lifters and bodybuilders as they need to eat many meals in order to increase their strength and performance for sports activities. 


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