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The Best 10 Minute Arm Workout For Building Strong Arm Muscles

Arm workout

Bigger and stronger arms is a goal of many fitness enthusiasts. Working out the muscles in your arms will help you in strengthening your upper body, which increases your metabolism and burns large amount of fat from your overall body.

With stronger arms you can lift heavy weights and can do daily activities more easily. Building a strong upper body will increase your muscle flexibility, range of motion and mobility.

But it’s not easy for every person to perform workouts in gym, due to the busy lifestyle we all live in. To help you in building strength in your arms by spending only 10 minutes from your busy schedule, i have listed the 5 best strength training arm exercises which will target all the muscles present in your arms.

Here Are The 5 Exercises Involved In The 10 Minute Arm Workout


Perform this 10 minute arm workout in 2 circuits, each circuit takes 5 minutes to complete. 30 seconds of rest is necessary after performing the exercise. Lift the weights according to your strength level.

1) Dumbbell Hammer Curl (12-15 repetitions).

2) Dumbbell Concentration Curl (12-15 repetitions).

3) Dips (12-15 repetitions).

4) Alternating Dumbbell Curl (12-15 repetitions).

5) Dumbbell boxing (30 seconds).

1) Dumbbell Hammer Curl-

Dumbbell hammer curl is a weight training exercise. It is a variation of traditional dumbbell curl exercise. This exercise target’s your forearms and bicep muscles. While performing this exercise your wrists are fixed which makes a person appears to be hammering with the dumbbells in the air.

The primary focus of the dumbbell hammer curl exercise is on your brachialis muscles. These muscles are found deeper than the bicep brachii muscles present in your upper arm.


1) Performing this exercise once or twice a week increases strength, endurance, definition and size of your arm muscles.

2) This exercise target’s the brachialis muscles which increases muscle mass in your upper arm, resulting in more defined and muscular arms.

3) The dumbbell hammer curl exercise also works on the elbow flexors known as the bicep brachii muscles. This improves the movement of the joint’s present in your arms.

4) While doing this exercise your wrists are not rotated which improves your wrist stability and developes grip strength.

Equipment Required

A set of dumbbells having weight according to your strength level.

How To Perform

1) Start this exercise by holding both the dumbbell in your hands. While standing your back should be straight and legs hip width apart.

2) Rotate your hands to make your palms face your thighs, by doing so you’ll notice that your thumbs will be facing towards the forward direction.

3) Move the dumbbells towards your shoulders, keeping the elbows and wrists of both the arms fixed while performing this movement. Shoulders must be relaxed while bringing the dumbbells towards them.

4) Hold the position and return the dumbbells back to the starting position. Inhale when moving the dumbbell towards your shoulders and exhale when returning back. This is one repetition of dumbbell hammer curl exercise.

2) Dumbbell Concentration Curl

Regarded as one of the best classical move for building strength in your arms, dumbbell concentration curl is a great way to develop size of your bicep muscles. This classic exercise was performed by the great Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie pumping iron. In comparison to other arm exercises, concentration curl exercise provide more tension to your bicep muscles as your elbow is fixed with the help of your knee joint. You cannot cheat in this exercise because of the fixed elbow position which gives this exercise the title of true bicep curl exercise.

This exercise is performed using one arm at a time. Performing with the proper form you can achieve a serious pump in your bicep muscles.


1) Dumbbell concentration curl exercise involves 97% of bicep activity which is the most in comparison to other bicep exercises.

2) This exercise shapes the front portion of the upper arm, generating strength and power in the muscles.

3) Your bicep brachii muscles are also trained during this exercise which improves the functionality of your arms.

4) This exercise developes the explosive strength of your arms which is the ability to exert maximum force in shortest time possible. Athletes develope this ability as it is required in many sports activities

Equipment Required

One dumbbell with weight according to your strength.

How To Perform

1) Start this exercise by sitting on a flat bench with your feet placed on the ground.

2) Hold a dumbbell with your right hand, bend and place the elbow of your right upper arm on the inner part of your right thigh.

3) Extend your right arm and keep the dumbbell off the ground. Slowly curl up the dumbbell moving your forearm, keeping the elbow and upper arm stable.

4) Curl the dumbbell to the level of your right shoulder. Hold the position and return back by bringing the dumbbell down. Breathe in when curling the dumbbell up and breathe out when returning it back. This is one repetition of dumbbell concentration curl exercise. Switch to the left arm after completing 12-15 repetitions.


3) Dips

Dips is a bodyweight strength training exercise performed for strengthening your tricep muscles. The triceps are made up of three muscles and fortunately, the dip exercise trains all of them. Your tricep is a bigger muscle group compare to your biceps, so training the tricep muscles is important to grow size of your arms. Tricep dip exercise allow great range of motion for your tricep muscles which developes endurance and agility.


1) This exercise primarily target’s your triceps, building strength which can be used in pulling heavy weights easily. Strong triceps help you to perform better in sports activities which requires pulling action.

2) Dip exercise doesn’t require any equipment, so you can perform this exercise anywhere high like on a chair or on a bench.

3) Dips target’s many body muscles like pectoralis major in chest, trapezius in shoulders and serratus anterior in abdominal muscles .

Equipment required

No equipment required.

How To Perform

1) Start performing this exercise by sitting on the edge of a bench or on something high. Keep your feet flat on the ground.

2) Keep your feet hips width apart and look in forward direction with your chin up.

3) Using your palms, lift your body and move forward till you’re off the edge. Keeping your body in the air, engage your abs and lower your body down with your back straight. Don’t touch your hips on the ground.

4) Stop the movement when you’re elbows are bended. Hold the position and slowly return back by moving your body up. Inhale when moving your body down and exhale when bringing it up. This is one repetition of dip exercise.

4) Alternating Dumbbell Curl

The alternating dumbbell curl is a weight training exercise performed for building strength and endurance in your bicep and forearm muscles. This exercise train’s one arm at a time which divides the tention equally in both the arms. You can perform alternating dumbbell curl exercise while sitting on a bench or standing on a flat surface. You can use a arm blaster which is a supporting tool to stabilize the movement of your elbows, while performing this exercise as it will improve your form and isolate your bicep muscles.


1) The alternating dumbbell curl exercise target’s two set of muscles, the brachialis muscles present in the upper arm and the Brachioradialis muscles present in the lower arm.

2) This exercise builds endurance in your bicep muscles which helps in lifting heavy weights in your hands for long time. Endurance is also called stamina of your muscles.

3) Switching the arms helps in recovery of the muscle while the other bicep muscle contracts. This movement also helps in achieving a great pump in your biceps and forearms.

Equipment Required

A set of dumbbells having weight according to your strength.

How To Perform

1) To perform alternating dumbbell curl exercise, stand with your back straight, hold the dumbbells in both the hands. Your legs should be hips width apart.

2) Keep your arms at the side of your body with palms facing forward. bring the left arm towards your left shoulder, try not to move your elbow and shoulder.

3) Stop when you approach closer to your left shoulder and hold the position. Slowly return back by bringing the dumbbell down to the side of your body. Perform the same procedure with the other arm. Breathe in when moving the dumbbell in upward direction and breathe out when bringing it back. This is one repetition of alternating dumbbell curl exercise.

5) Dumbbell Boxing

The dumbbell boxing is a high intensity interval training exercise, performed for training your biceps, triceps and forearm muscles. Dumbbell boxing is a variation of traditional boxing, by adding weights you can develope speed, strength, endurance and agility in your arms. This exercise is mostly performed by athletes for boxing and other sports activities which require strong muscles and high speed body movements.


1) Dumbbell boxing exercise target’s your biceps, triceps, forearms, shoulders and abdominal muscles.

2) This exercise increase your movement speed and muscle agility.

3) This exercise tones and sculpt your upper body muscles by improving muscle definition.

4) Dumbbell boxing exercise burns large amount of calories and boost metabolism of your body.

Equipment Required

A pair of dumbbells having light weight as heavy weights can injure your shoulder muscles.

How To Perform

1) Stand with your legs hip width apart. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Slightly bend your knees and look in forward direction.

2) Take a step forward with your left leg. Bring your hands up till your palms are facing the sides of your face.

3) Push your right arm in forward direction similar to punching motion. Hold and return back to the starting position. Breathe in when punching in forward direction and breathe out when returning the dumbbell back. The same procedure will be applied to the other arm.

4) This is the procedure to perform the dumbbell boxing exercise. Perform this movement for 30 seconds.

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