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10 Best Leg Exercises For Building Strength

Leg exercises
Leg exercises are an important part of your workout routine. Legs contains the biggest muscles, so in order to hit them all you have to do plenty of exercises. Stronger legs represents a well athletic body, it’s recommended for all the men as more you hit your legs higher your testosterone level.
Men who have weak legs need to train their lower body more often, as weakness can cause several diseases in their after age. There are plenty of leg exercises, So i have short list some of the best for you. I have mentioned some of the best leg exercises below for helping you gain some muscle mass in your lower body

10 Best Leg Exercises


This exercise is one of the most effective one, Walking lunges are better than standing lunges as more movement is involved. 
Walking lunges are very painful if you perform them with extra weight. You should include sets of walking lunges in your all training sessions, as it would increase your chance’s of getting better results.


Squats are one of the most popular leg exercise performed by athletes.
In this exercise, a trainee has to lower his hips in a standing position and then stand up. Squats train all of your legs muscles and makes them stronger.


Deadlift is a weight lifting exercise, often regarded as best exercise for strengthening overall body muscles.
In this exercise a weighted barbell or bar is lifted off the ground to level of your torso then lower your back to the starting position.


Step up is a strength exercise and is very effective if your primary goal is to burn body fat.
In this exercise you have to jump on a flat bench with your legs alternatively. Step ups works out for all of your major lower body muscles, Doing this exercise on a regular basis will help you in sports like running and cycling.


Single Leg curl is a weight training exercise which train’s your hamstring muscles.
In this exercise you have to curl up your both legs alternatively by using a machine towards your buttocks and then slowly lower them to the starting position.
Performing this exercise Regular will increase flexibility in your lower body.


This exercise not only increases your muscle growth but also develops endurance and power. While doing a prowler push there is a very less chance of getting an injury.
In this exercise you have to push a sled carrying weight’s according to your strength. If you want to increase the difficulty of this exercise, increase the weight or push the sled faster. 


Goblet squats is a full body exercise which works for your core, lower body and shoulder muscles. 
In this exercise, you have to hold a dumbbell or kettlebell of weight according to your strength and do a front squat.


Leg extension is a weight training exercise performed by a machine known as “Leg extension machine.” This exercise target’s your quadriceps muscles present in the legs.
In leg extensions you have sit on the machine and fit your ankles beneath a pad carrying weight according to your will and then extend your legs against it.


Thruster is a compound exercise performed in cross fit workouts. This exercise involves overall body movement and is good for increasing strength.
Thruster exercise is a combination of both front squats and overhead press.


This is a strength exercise, which does not require any equipment. Standing long jump improves reaction timing and your twitch muscles.
In this exercise you have lower your body in a squat position and then jump as far as possible using momentum of your arms.

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