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10 Best Benefits Of Doing Exercises

    Benefits of doing exercises

    Exercise is any bodily activity or movement that maintains your physical fitness and overall health and wellness.

    Different kinds of exercises are performed for different reasons, Doing an exercise is necessary not only for your body but also for improving your lifestyle. Doing an exercise has many health benefits.

    Here Are 10 Benefits Of Doing Exercises


    1) It Improves Your Mental Health And Mood

    When you perform an exercise your body releases some chemicals that improves your mood and make you feel relaxed. This lowers your stress levels and reduces your risk for anxiety and depression.

    2) It Helps In Improving Your Learning, Thinking and Judgement Skills

    Studies have shown that performing regular exercise can increase the size of hippocampus, The brain area which controls your verbal memory and learning.

    3) It Reduces Risk Of Cancer

    Exercise can reduce risk of many cancers like breast, colorectal, uterine and lung cancer. Studies have shown that people who do regular exercise have 50% less chance of getting cancer.

    4) It Helps Your Body To Maintain Blood Sugar And Insulin Levels

    Regular exercise helps your body to maintain blood sugar levels and also helps insulin to work better. Exercise can lower your risk for Metabolic Syndrome and Type-2 Diabetes.

    5) It Reduces Your Risk For Heart Diseases

    Exercise strengthens your heart and improves blood circulation. The increase blood flow raises the oxygen level in your body, This reduces your risk of heart diseases like high cholesterol, coronary artery disease and heart attack.

    6) It Helps In Maintaining Your Body Weight

    Exercise plays an important role in preventing obesity by weight loss. To maintain your weight consume calories equal to the calories you burn during exercise.

    7) It Improves Your Sexual Health

    Regular exercise can lower the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. In women exercise may increase sexual arousal.

    8) It Increases Your Chances Of Living Longer

    Studies have shown that doing physical activities can reduce your risk of dying early from the leading causes like cancer and heart diseases. 

    9) It Strengthens Your Bones And Muscles

    Exercise can help both teen’s and adult’s in building strong bones and muscles. It will also slow the loss of bone density in your old stage of life.

    10) It Improves Your Sleep

    Regular exercise can improve your sleep cycle and helps you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.