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The Best Variations Of Pushup

    Push-up is a classical exercise which is performed for increasing strength for many muscle groups at once. 
    Push-up exercise was first introduced in 1905, which makes this exercise more than 100 year’s old. This exercise became very popular in few years and so people started to develope many variations in this exercise, as they wanted to work out for various body parts.

    Here Are 5 Different Types Of Push-up Exercises-


    1) Clap Push-ups

    This type of dynamic push-up variation requires explosive power of your body.
    The position of clap push-up is similar to the traditional push-up, the difference is that after you lower your body to the ground you have to come up with high speed in order to make a jump and clap your hand together. This is a tough exercise as you have to clap and land on your hands in very small amount of time. 
    This type of push-up exercise strengthens many of your muscles like arms, back, chest, legs and abdominal muscles.
    If you are a beginner in clap push-up, start performing this exercise without doing the claps and just jumping off the ground. When your body will get used to this dynamic movement then start doing it with the claps.

    2) Superman Push-ups

    This type of push-up is similar to the clap push-up, but is more harder than it.
    In clap push-up your upper body is raised off the ground, but in superman push-up your whole body is raised. This is done by lifting your hands and feet off the ground into the air and then landing them into the start position again.
    This exercise target’s twitch muscles in your chest and maximize the power and growth in them. These push-ups are mostly performed by athletes in sports like basketball, boxing, martial arts and swimming.
    Before attempting this kind of push-up exercise, gain some experience in doing the traditional push-ups.

    3) Diamond Push-ups

    In this form of push-up your hands should be closer to each other and narrower than your shoulders. Both of your thumbs and indexes should be touching and forming a triangle shape.
    This exercise strengthens your triceps and middle chest line. Beginner’s can start doing this exercise with a little gap between their hands as it makes this exercise easier to perform.

    4) Wide Grip Pushup

    This type of pushup is recommended if you want to focus more on your chest and front shoulders. This exercise is similar to the traditional pushup but your hands are wider than your shoulders.
    This push-up form puts more tension to the pectoral muscles of your chest than the traditional pushup.

    5) Staggered Pushup

    This pushup exercise is best if you want to strengthen your chest individually. This pushup exercise is similar to the traditional push-up, the variation is that your one hand is kept in front position than the other hand and equivalent to your shoulders.
    The hand which is in normal position will work more than the hand in front, as more weight will transfer to the normal position side.