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Different Types Of Pushup Exercises

Pushup is one of the most famous and basic exercise in the world. It was first introduced in 1905, which makes it more than a century old. This move is performed to strengthen and tone your upper body muscles. Pushup primarily works your pectoral (chest) muscles.
The secondary muscles involved are your shoulders, triceps and core. These muscles are engaged to maintain stability during the movement.
Pushups can be done anywhere as no equipment is required. This makes it a safe option for anyone looking to get fit.
Adding pushups to your workout routine can have multiple benefits like stronger upper body, better posture, and improved stability. So, whether you’re a beginner or a professional athlete, pushups are a great exercise for you to try.
This exercise can be easily modified to increase or decrease the intensity.
For challenging your strength, place your feet on an elevated surface like a bench or stability ball. For beginners, use your knees instead of your toes to make it easier.
In this article you’ll learn about the different variations of the pushup exercise. Reading about these exercises will help you in selecting the best ones for your workout.

Various Type Of Pushup Exercises

Here are the most successful variations of pushups that can help you in building strength in different areas of your chest muscles. Adding these variants to your workout routine can train multiple muscle groups together.


The clap pushups are the advanced variation of the standard pushup exercise. Doing this dynamic push up benefits in building the explosive strength in your pectoral muscles.
The form for clap pushups is similar to the traditional exercise. The major difference is raising your body above the ground to perform a clap and come back to the ground. This motion is performed in a very fast pace which requires support from other muscle groups.
The clap variant is a compound exercise as it trains multiple muscles primarily your chest. The secondary muscles includes your arms, back, shoulders and core.
For beginners, start doing pushups while lifting your hands off the ground without a clap. Add the claps after your body will get used to this dynamic movement.


The superman pushups is another pushup alternative that works similar to the clap variation.
While doing the clap pushups your upper body is raised off the ground but during the superman variant your whole body is lifted off the ground. This is accomplished by lifting your hands and feet together into the air and then landing back to the start.
This exercise strengthens the twitch muscles in your chest which improves your performance in various sports activities. The superman pushups are mostly performed by athletes in sports like basketball, boxing, martial arts and swimming.
It’s important for beginners to master the clap pushups before attempting this advanced variation.


In this form of push-up your hands should be closer to each other and narrower than your shoulders. Both of your thumbs and indexes should be touching and forming a triangle shape.
This exercise strengthens your triceps and middle chest line. Beginner’s can start doing this exercise with a little gap between their hands as it makes this exercise easier to perform.


This type of pushup is recommended if you want to focus more on your chest and front shoulders. This exercise is similar to the traditional pushup but your hands are wider than your shoulders.
This push-up form puts more tension to the pectoral muscles of your chest than the traditional pushup.


This pushup exercise is best if you want to strengthen your chest individually. This pushup exercise is similar to the traditional push-up, the variation is that your one hand is kept in front position than the other hand and equivalent to your shoulders.
The hand which is in normal position will work more than the hand in front, as more weight will transfer to the normal position side.

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